Autoseal II MRI RF Door

The Autoseal II door is a high performance MRI door featuring pneumatically operated RF seals. Unlike traditional friction fit doors, which are high maintenance and difficult to open and close, the Autoseal II operates much like a normal office door and is virtually maintenance free.

The Autoseal II offers unsurpassed acoustic performance (Rw40). This significantly reduces the effects of MRI gradient noise on areas surrounding the MRI.

Another key feature of the Autoseal II is a completely flat threshold plate. This results in a seamless transition between the MRI control room and the scan room, improving patient comfort. Traditional MRI doors have a tapered ramp at the threshold, meaning a floor level change is required from the control room to the scan room.

The RF performance of the Autoseal II door makes it suitable for high frequency MRI applications. Faraday has installed these doors in MRI applications up to 9.4 Tesla.

Virtually maintenance free
Reduced effects of MRI gradient noise
Flat threshold plate

Doors are key lockable and have electrical contacts available for connection to MRI supplier “door open” alarm systems.
A number of options are available to suit the special requirements of any MRI facility, including keypad controlled access, integrated RF windows and automatic opening/closing.