Faraday Pty Ltd offers a range of design and consultancy services relating specifically to MRI. The feasibility of a proposed MRI location can be impacted by several factors.


If your proposed MRI location is close to train lines, tram lines or roadways carrying heavy traffic, these systems can produce electromagnetic interference and Faraday can perform ambient magnetic field measurements to assess the impact of the source of that interference. Data is analysed against MRI vender specifications and a report is produced advising the viability of the site. 


Preparing a building for an MRI involves consideration of a number of complex factors. If these issues can be captured during the schematic design stage, costs can be minimised, and the scope of works can be clearly defined before tenders are released.


Major hospital construction projects can’t always afford to wait until imaging equipment has been selected before MRI suites are built. Magnetic shielding is the first element of the MRI suite to be installed and the designs for the shielding are specific to each vendor’s equipment and to the site. If a shielding design is not available, the construction of MRI suites must stop until the design is received. The engineers at Faraday have access to the same 3D modelling software used by the MRI vendors and can provide a multi-vendor solution to your magnetic shielding design problem. This allows the building to continue without selecting equipment, saving your project time and money.


The Faraday team includes experienced technicians who can perform testing on your existing Faraday cage to determine its shielding effectiveness. Following testing, Faraday prepares a report showing the results and compare these against MRI vendor specifications to determine whether the cage is still performing as it should.

If your old Faraday cage is not performing to specification, Faraday can make recommendations and provide options for repair or replacement of your shield or certain components. Faraday recommends this testing if you are thinking of changing over your existing MRI system. It helps to know if your Faraday cage needs repair so arrangements can be made whilst the system is being replaced.


Faraday has a full-time draftsman, producing shop drawings and designs using the latest Autodesk software. This allows Faraday to turn around designs quickly and make modifications to drawings immediately if required.

Faraday can produce drawings in AutoCAD, Navisworks and Revit and also have experience working in BIM modelling environments.



EMI or Electro-Magnetic Interference can be problematic for many different reasons. Proper evaluation of existing and new planned construction can be invaluable in dealing with high levels of EMI and meeting regional and national requirements for prolonged exposure to EMI. Faraday’s solutions are supported by site-specific calculations, not simply using an ‘off-the-shelf’ concept that may not be applicable to your site.

Let Faraday help avoid an EMI problem and if it can’t be avoided, we can determine how to minimise the impact and cost of a solution. 



Whether a specific MRI manufacturer has been selected or if planning is still at the generic stage, Faraday can assist in the RF and/or magnetic design of the shielding that will be required. Understand the cost impact of shielding and how to get the best value for your invested dollar. From the basic RF shield to the more complex magnetic shielding to the complete turn-key fit-out of the MRI room, there is no substitute for experience.

Let Faraday help ensure your project is a success. Engage the experts at Faraday early to plan the work and work the plan!