Faraday offers a range of EMF shielding consultancy services.

Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) are produced by current flow through 50Hz power transmission systems. The highest fields generally occur in areas such as substations, switch rooms and cable trays carrying high current cables. In buildings where power transmission systems are located close to habitable areas or sensitive equipment, it may be necessary to install passive shielding to reduce EMF.

Faraday Pty Ltd provide a complete EMF service from consultancy services to supply and installation of EMF shielding.

Consultancy Services

Faraday can provide consultancy services ranging from design input at the schematic design stage all the way through to EMF calculations on electrical systems which have already been designed.

At schematic design stage Faraday provide advice on electrical cable reticulation and substation design to minimise EMF levels. Faraday can also assist with correct scoping for Electrical specifications, ensuring costs are accurately captured when jobs go out to tender.

Where the power system for a building has already been designed, Faraday can calculate EMF levels throughout the building and advise where EMF shielding needs to be installed. This allows substations, switch rooms and cable trays to be shielded at the appropriate stage during construction of the building.

All calculations are presented in a full report which provides expected EMF levels in key locations and recommendations which clearly state where shielding is required and the attenuation level required in each location.

Testing Services

Faraday can also perform testing of ambient EMF levels in existing buildings with live electrical systems to assess the impact of interference on proposed installation of sensitive equipment.

EMF testing may be required when sensitive equipment or people are likely to be in close proximity to the following:

  • Trains, trams and their infrastructure
  • Substations
  • Electrical switch rooms
  • High current cable riser shafts and sub-boards
  • Radar systems
  • Television and radio transmission infrastructure

Our partners

Faraday represents pre-eminent international companies in the EMC field including ETS Lindgren, Solar Electronics, TESEO and Laird Technology