Very High Penetration
Large Search Area
Accurate Pinpointing
Uniform Detection of Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Targets
Full Digital Design: Consistent Performance and Calibration-Free Operations
Elegant, Robust and Ergonomic
Indoor and Outdoor Operations

Ferromagnetic Safety – Hand-Held Metal Detector

Personal detection for metal.

The PD240CH allows the medical technician to confirm that the patient has no ferrous materials on their person and to pinpoint its location in the event that there are any.

Developed from similar technology as airport security screeners by CEIA, global leaders in metal detection technologies.
Lightweight, cordless, design powered by rechargeable battery with 24 hour use between charges.
Audible, silent-vibration, visual magnitude alert settings.
3 Modes of operation allow for high performance ferrous only detection around the head and body or full metal detection mode around the body.
Proprietary algorithms and coil configuration provide unparalleled and safe detection capability.
Does not need internal magnets for operation like competing ferrous-only detection products.
Provides compliance with the New 2015 Joint Commission Accreditation Standards, the American College of Radiology Safety Recommendations and Healthcare Design Guidelines.
The Only Hand-Held MRI Patient Screening Device capable of separately screening for BOTH ferrous and non-ferrous metallic items at the push of a button – providing protection from both adverse magnetic field interaction and potential RF induced metallic heating that could lead to burns.



The growing awareness of the dangers in MRI scans requires an increase in preventative inspections so as to ensure the safety of patients and the operators around them. A written questionnaire filled in by the patient can be prone to errors due to misinterpretation or ignorance of the typology of any implants or prostheses inside the body. A preventive by metal detector would eliminate banal mistakes and allow the doctor to better assess the situation.

The PD240CH hand-held metal detector incorporates the benefits of magnetometers and metal detectors, allowing a rapid analysis of the patient in the search for any ferromagnetic metal objects while discriminating all the objects, prostheses and implants that are not dangerous in MRI. In addition, the PD240CH can be used in environments where the use of a complete metal detector is required to search for any type of metal.

The PD240CH has 3 analysis modes selectable via a keypad interface:

high sensitivity to very small ferromagnetic objects. Total immunity to non-ferromagnetic objects of average dimensions. Designed to analyse the head, this setting allows discrimination of, for example, non-ferromagnetic dental implants. At the same time, it can detect, at a distance of some cm, ferromagnetic spheres with a diameter of a few mm.


high sensitivity to small ferromagnetic objects. Total immunity to non-ferromagnetic objects of large dimensions. Designed to analyse the whole body, this setting allows discrimination of, for example, non-ferromagnetic metal prostheses. At the same time, it can detect, at a distance of some cm, ferromagnetic spheres with a diameter of a few mm.


high sensitivity to all types of materials. This setting allows detection of any ferromagnetic or non-ferromagnetic metal object, for example pacemakers, prostheses and vital support devices, and also any other object carried by the patient which should not be taken into the strong magnetic field area. This mode can also be used in the A&E environment, where there is a need to identify, for example, the presence of metal slivers in a patient following an accident or swallowing metal objects.


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Power Supply
  • Metal Detector: 2 x AA size Ni-MH, 2500mAh rechargeable batteries
  • HHDS-CH AC/DC adapter: 100-240V~, 50-60Hz, 175 mA max.
Control Panel
  • Optical, acoustic and vibratory alarm modes
  • 3-level analysis mode selection buttons:
  • All Metals (magnetic and non-magnetic metals)
  • Body (small magnetic metals)
  • Head (very small magnetic metals)
Detection and operation features
  • Customizable via HHMD Configuration tool
  • Battery life (AA NiMH batteries 250mAh);
  • All Metals:> 80 hours
  • Body:> 18 hours
  • Head:> 20 hours
  • Low battery indicator
Operating Temperature
  • -40oC … +70oC
Storage Temperature
  • -40oC … +80oC
Relative Humidity
  • 0 … 98% (without condensation)
  • PD240CH: 405mm x 120mm x 40mm
  • HHDS-CH: 175mm x 115mm x 85mm
  • Carry Bag: 430mm x 340mm x 105mm
  • PD240CH (with battery): 460g
  • HHDS-CH (with power adapter): 755g
  • Carry Bag: 1.33kg
  • Conforms to the international standards current applicable for safety, EM and to the applicable CE regulations