Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) are produced by current flow through 50Hz power transmission systems. The highest fields generally occur in areas such as substations, switch rooms and cable trays carrying high current cables. In buildings where power transmission systems are located close to habitable areas or sensitive equipment, it may be necessary to install passive shielding to reduce EMF. 

Faraday provides a complete EMF service from consultancy services to supply and installation of EMF shielding. 


Faraday can supply and install EMF shielding to electrical substations, switch rooms and cable trays using our purpose designed, high-performance Magstop® shielding material.

Faraday measures each EMF shielding project and fabricate the majority of shielding components off-site. This means less time on-site and accurate, high-performance installations. Faraday has our own fabrication facility and we carry inventory of Magstop® shielding, resulting in significantly shortened lead times.