MRI suites require specialist lighting systems which prevent interference from affecting the MRI system.

In the past lighting solutions in MRI suites have been of poor quality, with short bulb life and dark, dingy light levels.

Faraday Pty Ltd has developed a lighting solution specifically designed for use in MRI suites. Our lighting system uses high output, state of the art LED downlights to produce a bright, vibrant light.

Faraday has tested the LED lights in our own RF shielded test lab and can guarantee that no interference is produced by our lighting system. We also test our system in a high magnetic field to ensure the performance of our lights is not affected by the MRI scanner.

Faraday can provide a lighting layout for your MRI suite upon request.

Faraday LED lighting systems can be also be retrofitted to existing MRI suites.

Specially designed for use in MRI Rooms
High output
State of the art LED downlight