Personal detection for metal 
The PD240CH allows the medical technician to confirm that the patient has no ferrous materials on their person and to pinpoint its location in the event that there are any.

  • Developed from similar technology as airport security screeners by CEIA, global leaders in metal detection technologies.
  • Lightweight, cordless, design powered by rechargeable battery with 24 hour use between charges.
  • Audible, silent-vibration, visual magnitude alert settings.
  • 3 Modes of operation allow for high performance ferrous only detection around the head and body or full metal detection mode around the body.
  • Proprietary algorithms and coil configuration provide unparalleled and safe detection capability.
  • Does not need internal magnets for operation like competing ferrous-only detection products.
  • Provides compliance with the New 2015 Joint Commission Accreditation Standards, the American College of Radiology Safety Recommendations and Healthcare Design Guidelines.
  • The Only Hand-Held MRI Patient Screening Device capable of separately screening for BOTH ferrous and non-ferrous metallic items at the push of a button – providing protection from both adverse magnetic field interaction and potential RF induced metallic heating that could lead to burns.


Air Check Oxygen Monitoring System
MRI rooms present a unique safety situation; a magnet that contains hundreds or thousands of litres of cryogenic helium sealed in a radio frequency enclosure. In an instant, internal atmospheric conditions could change dramatically. Faraday Shielding now offers the Air Check sample draw atmospheric monitoring system. A self-contained oxygen deficiency detection system, designed for continuous remote monitoring of your MRI scan room.

  • No Maintenance Zirconium Sensor
  • 10+ Year Sensor Life
  • No Calibration Required
  • No Temperature or Pressure Drift
  • Built-in Flow Sample Pump
  • On-Board CPU
  • Back-lit Display
  • Built-in Adjustable Alarm Relays


KM1 Wheelchair
Faraday Shielding is pleased to present a wheelchair designed specifically for MRI application. Completely free of metal of any sort. Constructed of high strength polymers with plastic ball bearings, there is zero risk creating false alarms with ferrous metal detectors or wheeling the patient into the MRI suite. 

  • 24-inch solid rubber tyre
  • Plastic ball bearing design
  • Textilene seat and backrest, air permeable, water resistant, with colour options
  • Detachable armrest
  • 4 position up/down adjustable footrest, detachable
  • Double cross support structure, folds easily and safely


Non-Magnetic Patient Stretcher
The MRI stretcher is designed for use with MRI and in specialized medical treatment areas where the cot must be non-magnetic. Super lightweight and easy to handle with a weight capacity of 182 kgs
193 x 59 x 81 cm (max dims). Weight 25 kgs

MRI Bariatric Stainless Steel Stretcher
A 12: swing down side rail for easy accessibility and patient safety, this stretcher has a weight capacity of 270kgs. Fowler back adjusts from 0 to 75 degrees with 15 positions to provide optimum patient comfort. A non-marring bumper protects all sides of the stretcher. Includes four locking casters and has a 55 x 78 cm storage tray.
182.8 x 60.9 x 74.4 cm. Weight 68.1 kgs


The MSDW is an extremely reliable system for the detection of ferromagnetic and magnetized objects which can cause a “projectile effect” in the MRI room.

  • Single or Dual post options available
  • Accurate localization with multi-zone acoustic and optical alarm signalling
  • Passive Detection, no field emissions
  • Powered through PoE Ethernet or with 24Vdc external adapter
  • Multi-colour status and alarm warning light


The gateway to MRI room safety!

Every day at hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world, the safety of patients, technologists and medical personnel is put in danger when an MRI environment is accidentally violated by a seemingly innocent intrusion while a procedure is in progress.

TechGate allows technologists to focus on the care of the patients and efficient room turnaround rather than worrying about a potential intrusion. Easy to use and designed for the MRI environment, TechGate is deployed via remote control, providing an immediate physical restriction of access to all unauthorized individuals.

TechGate features:

  • Modular robotic arm to provide a physical protective barrier that fits any door configuration or swing
  • On-demand, secure MRI-safe remote control operation
  • Brilliant LED warning signage
  • Rapid, breakaway feature for emergency access
  • Watch the following video for a demonstration on how this works: Techgate Video