Series 81 RF Modular Shielded Room

The Series 81 Modular Shielded Room offers a time proven design that has provided excellent EMI/ RFI shielding effectiveness for thousands of users. The Series 81 shielding system is the most commonly specified RF shielded room.

Please see Data Sheet for more information:

Data Sheet 

Series 81 System Performance

Magnetic Field

20 dB @ 1kHz 

56 dB @ 10kHz

100 dB @ 200kHz

Electric Field

00 dB from

200 kHz thru 50 MHz

Plane Wave

110 dB from

50 MHz to 1 GHz


100 dB @ 10 GHz

Faraday Shielding Series 81 RF Shielded Room
High Performance
Ideal electrical continuity
Stability to airborne moisture induced warping
Structure strength