Acoustic Solutions

Faraday provide exceptional acoustic solutions

Acoustic Solutions – accurate, precision-grade

 In the Australian market, Faraday is unrivalled in our range of professional advice and consultancy services for the MRI market. We are the industry leader for a number of reasons. Our team is exceptionally skilled and have years of experience of implementing quality MRI shielding installations throughout Australia and New Zealand. We have an unwavering commitment to exceptional outcomes. From feasibility analysis, through to testing, design, materials, support and maintenance, everything in the process is about quality.  Your MRI project is in capable hands with Faraday.

Hemi-Anechoic Chambers

Are used to perform precision and engineering-grade testing on a wide variety of devices ranging from handheld units to large vehicles & equipment

Clinical Audiology

Faraday offers the ETS-Lindgren Delta exam booths as a clinical audiology solution

Single and Double Wall Exam Booths

ETS-Lindgren reverberation chambers provide a diffuse-field envrironment

Reverberation Chamber

ETS-Lindgren reverberation chambers provide a diffuse-field environment that enables sound absorption tests, sound power tests, and transmission loss studies to be performed.


Faraday's acoustic solutions are applied across a number of real world applications and environments such as IT equipment, pumps, compressors, appliances, fans, industrial equipment, motor vehicles and more

ACOUStiC SOlutions