Electron Microscope Solutions

Preferred provider for Medical Research Shielding Solutions

The joint venture between between the University of Melbourne and the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Supply and installation a very high performance shielded enclosure and MACS (Magnetic Active Cancellation System) to protect a sensitive electron microscope from interference from a proposed nearby subway train. The site also required several custom solutions including the integration of a vibration slab inside the shield and PC2 infection control certification.


Active Cancellation System

When a disturbing field is interfering with the required magnetic field the ACC can generate an equal amplitude to cancel the disturbance.

Modern technology

Faraday is also at the forefront of emerging technologies such as PET/MRI and have completed Faraday cages for these next generation scanners.

Experienced Faraday Team

Our team of full-time sales, project management, drafting, technical and installation staff ensure a true end to end solution which is unrivalled in the Australian market.

Quality Assurance and Support

Faraday are the first choice for major hospital shielding installations and fully compliant with the requirements of the major construction sector.