MRI shielded room partially built
Magnetic Shielding for MRI

An MRI scanner is essentially a large, permanently active electro-magnet. The magnetic fields produced by MRI scanners are significant and are generally required to be contained within the bounds of the room in which the MRI is located.

High magnetic fields can interfere with some pacemakers and sensitive electronic equipment and for this reason, a globally recognised containment limit of 0.5mT (5 gauss) is observed for MRI rooms.

In all installations, a 3D model of the magnetic field is performed with respect to the host building and type of MRI scanner. This modelling is usually performed by the MRI supplier and provides dimensions and thickness of magnetic shielding steel required in each direction in relation to the location of the MRI scanner.

Faraday supply and install magnetic shielding to MRI vendor specifications and can also test the installation once the MRI has been commissioned to ensure the magnetic field is contained to the specified limit.

Our magnetic shielding is installed on fully engineered support structures for peace of mind. When you consider that some walls can require steel shielding up to 15mm thick it is important to ensure that structures are fit for purpose.

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