MRI Solutions

Faraday are your go-to provider as the industry leader in MRI room EMI/EMF shielding

The complete EMF/EMI shielding solution for MRI rooms

 In the Australian market, Faraday is unrivalled in our range of professional advice and consultancy services for the MRI market. We are the industry leader for a number of reasons. Our team is exceptionally skilled and have years of experience of implementing quality MRI shielding installations throughout Australia and New Zealand. We have an unwavering commitment to exceptional outcomes. From feasibility analysis, through to testing, design, materials, support and maintenance, everything in the process is about quality.  Your MRI project is in capable hands with Faraday.

MRI design and consultancy
Feasibility analysis

The feasibility of a proposed MRI location can be impacted by several factors. We offer a range of design and consultancy services relating specifically to MRI location feasibility.

Shielding design & build

An exceptional MRI room shielding solution will incorporate the many design & build variables that are unique to a site. Everything from our 3D modelling, to materials and build quality are fit for your purpose.

RF Doors

The most used and vulnerable part of an MRI room is the door. Faraday are the exclusive distributor for ETS Lindgren RF doors in Australia and New Zealand, giving us access to world leading RF doors such as the EVO air and IOSD models. These doors are purpose-built for MRI with consideration to operator health and safety and durability.

Interior finishes

Making a patient feel comfortable during an MRI examination is important. Our acoustic wall panels, clear view windows, and lighting configurations all make the patient more relaxed and comfortable.

Accessories and Safety

Patient and staff safety is paramount in an MRI environment. Faraday's accessories include hand-held metal detectors, oxygen monitors, non ferrous/metal patient wheelchairs and more

MRI design and consultancy
MRI shielding explained