MRI shielding material copper
Radio Frequency (RF) Shielding for MRI – Faraday Cages

MRI scanners are highly susceptible to interference from external radio frequency signals. Interference can cause image quality problems for MRI procedures, reducing or completely spoiling the quality of the scan.

The quality of the RF shielding directly affects the quality of the images produced by the MRI scanner and Faraday Pty. Ltd. build only the highest quality RF shields.

We use only the best quality components to custom build our Faraday cages and that means using copper for our RF shielding material.

Copper is durable, has superior electrical conductivity and is extremely corrosion resistant. Copper is also easily formed meaning that the shape of the shield can be easily modified to suit rooms of different shapes and sizes.

Our timber Faraday cage frames are completely freestanding and self-supporting structures, drastically improving acoustic and seismic performance. We build our structures to AS1684, ensuring BCA (Building Code of Australia) compliance.

We custom build our frames to accept MRI delivery through ceilings and walls and have designed several solutions where limited space would make modular construction out of the question.

We also manufacture RF components in Australia, giving us the flexibility to adapt to special requirements and shorten lead times.

Faraday are fully compliant with all MRI vendor special requirements and specifications and we test our Faraday cages according to the international test stand IEE299.

MRI scanners susceptible to interference from RF signals
Interference can cause image quality issues
Faraday RF shielding uses best quality materials
Frames are freestanding and BCA compliant
Tested to International test standard IEE299