Series 71 RF Modular Shielded Room

The Series 71 features a double layer of 550mm x 550mm x 3.8mm copper screen mesh weave to deliver excellent attenuation levels, while allowing for air passage through the screen mesh. Copper is highly recommended for use in shielded screen rooms due to its conductivity and oxidation properties. At the same time, a copper screen mesh affords “hear-through, see-through” advantages

Please see data sheet for more information :

Data Sheet

Series 71 System Performance

Magnetic Field

18 dB @ 1kHz 

50 dB @ 10kHz

Electric Field

100 dB from 

14 kHz thru 10 MHz

Plane Wave

100 dB @ 400 MHz

90 dB @ 1 GHz

80 dB @ 2 GHz


60 dB @ 10 GHz

Double layer of copper screen mesh
Ideal electrical continuity
Stability to airborne moisture induced warping
Structure strength