Schematic Design

Faraday provide consultancy services ranging from design input at the schematic design stage all the way through to EMF calculations on electrical systems which have already been designed.

At schematic design stage Faraday provide advice on electrical cable reticulation and substation design to minimise EMF levels. Faraday can also assist with correct scoping for Electrical specifications, ensuring costs are accurately captured when jobs go out to tender.

Where the power system for a building has already been designed, Faraday can calculate EMF levels throughout the building and advise where EMF shielding needs to be installed. This allows substations, switch rooms and cable trays to be shielded at the appropriate stage during construction of the building.

All calculations are presented in a full report which provides expected EMF levels in key locations and recommendations which clearly state where shielding is required and the attenuation level required in each location.

Consultancy ranging from design input to EMF calculations
Advice to minimise EMF levels
Full reports presented
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