MRI shielded room partially built


An MRI scanner is essentially a large, permanently active electro-magnet. The magnetic fields produced by MRI scanners are significant and are generally required to be contained within the bounds of the room in which the MRI is located. High magnetic fields can interfere with some pacemakers and sensitive electronic equipment and for this reason, a globally recognised containment limit of 0.5mT (5 gauss) is observed for MRI rooms.

In all installations, a 3D model of the magnetic field is performed with respect to the host building and type of MRI scanner. This modelling is usually performed by the MRI supplier and provides dimensions and thickness of magnetic shielding steel required in each direction in relation to the location of the MRI scanner.

Faraday supply and install magnetic shielding to MRI vendor specifications and can also test the installation once the MRI has been commissioned to ensure the magnetic field is contained to the specified limit.

Our magnetic shielding is installed on fully engineered support structures for peace of mind. When you consider that some walls can require steel shielding up to 15mm thick it is important to ensure that structures are fit for purpose.


Major hospital construction projects can’t always afford to wait until imaging equipment has been selected before MRI suites are built. Magnetic shielding is the first element of the MRI suite to be installed and the designs for the shielding are specific to each vendor’s equipment and to the site. If a shielding design is not available, the construction of MRI suites must stop until the design is received.

Faraday has access to the same 3D modelling software used by the MRI vendors and can provide a multi-vendor solution to your magnetic shielding design problem.

This allows the building to continue without selecting equipment, saving your project time and money.

MRI shielding material copper


MRI scanners are highly susceptible to interference from external radio frequency signals. Interference can cause image quality problems for MRI procedures, reducing or completely spoiling the quality of the scan.

The quality of the RF shielding directly affects the quality of the images produced by the MRI scanner and Faraday build only the highest quality RF shields. We use only the best quality components to custom build our Faraday cages and that means using copper for our RF shielding material.

Copper is durable, has superior electrical conductivity and is corrosion resistant. Copper is also easily formed meaning that the shape of the shield can be easily modified to suit rooms of different shapes and sizes.

Our timber Faraday cage frames are completely freestanding and self-supporting structures, drastically improving acoustic and seismic performance. We build our structures to AS1684, ensuring BCA (Building Code of Australia) compliance.

We custom build our frames to accept MRI delivery through ceilings and walls and have designed several solutions where limited space would make modular construction out of the question. We also manufacture RF components in Australia, giving us the flexibility to adapt to special requirements and shorten lead times.

Faraday are fully compliant with all MRI vendor special requirements and specifications and we test our Faraday cages according to the international test stand IEE299.


Faraday is the first choice for the industry when custom shielding solutions are required.

Faraday designed and constructed two custom Faraday cages for Australia’s first 7 Tesla MRI patient scanners. Due to the huge magnetic field produced by these machines, steel magnetic shielding exceeded 25mm in thickness. Everything from the steel support structure to services penetrations and MRI mounting points had to be custom built.

Faraday has recently completed two intra-operative Faraday cages, where the MRI scanner is incorporated into an operating theatre environment. Both jobs utilised IOSD sliding doors between the operating theatre and the scan rooms and posed significant challenges in terms of acoustic design and infection control.

Faraday is also at the forefront of emerging technologies such as PET/MRI and have completed several Faraday cages for these next generation scanners.


Faraday is the leading supplier of shielding systems to the major construction sector in Australia and New Zealand.

We have successfully completed numerous new hospital projects for the construction industry’s leading builders. Faraday have construction site experience on projects managed by Lendlease, John Holland, Brookfield Multiplex, Built, Hansen Yuncken, Cockram Constructions and Grocon to name a few.

This experience means we have the systems in place to “get on site” including:

  • Health Safety & Environment;
  • Quality Management;
  • DEWR Code Compliance;
  • Professional Site Management;
  • Service Coordination
  • Logistics support
  • In house drafting capability using REVIT and AutoCAD

Faraday is proud of our exceptional safety record and strive to ensure our work is performed in a safe environment whether in our production facility or on site.


We provide a full range of MRI shielding services including radio frequency shielding design, manufacture, installation and testing. Our design teams work closely with your key practice decision makers to help you explore all the design concepts and finishing options available in your price range and our engineers have extensive experience in designing MRI suites for new premises as well as suite upgrading and magnet replacement.